Mysterious Contrail, From The North Pole To The South Pole

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In the year of 2018, a mysterious incident was captured by NASA, that happened over the top of our head into the sky. This incident stunned the whole scientific world and forced them to think about this mysterious phenomenon. Actually, a satellite sent a mysterious image of our home planet Earth, which became a topic of debate between the scientists. This is the first time when a satellite had captured an image of our planet like this. First, no one wanted to believe what they were watching in that image because they had no explanation about the reason for this mysterious incident. This mysterious image forced to believe in the existence of extraterrestrials here on Earth.

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You can also see in this satellite image that a thin but long white line is going from the north pole to the south pole. This white line was a contrail. The length of this mysterious Contrail was about 12000 to 13000 miles. Today, we know that how a contrail get produce! A contrail comes in existence When hot humid air from jet exhaust mixes with the environmental air of low pressure and low temperature. Normally, the maximum length of time that a contrail can maintain its shape, is 15 to 30 minutes. Today, we don’t have any airplanes with such technology which can make a contrail at a time from the north pole to the south pole. Such type of contrail could be made by an aircraft that could fly over 50,000 miles per hour. This is ten times of the speed of the fastest aircraft that we have today. 

This proves what Admiral Richard E. Byrd said about the incident that he witnessed during Operation “Highjump” in the year of 1946 which was a highly secret government operation. Nobody could get to know the exact purpose of this secret operation yet. 13 Ships, 33 Airplanes, and 47 hundred troops had taken a part in this operation and Admiral Richard E. Byrd was leading this. They went to the south Pole for secret reasons and returned after 9 months. They did not return in the same numbers as they had gone. It looked like they had not just fought a battle but lost that too. Admiral said that they had fought a battle near the south pole against an unknown high-tech civilization that had aircraft with advanced technologies that can shoot Death-Rays and could able to fly from pole to pole in seconds. Those mysterious aircrafts came from under the ocean and started shooting Death-Rays towards the sholders and the army could not even aim their guns towards them to shoot shells because those mysterious aircrafts suddenly change their directions and got vanished in the blink of an eye.

It means, what our Satellite had captured in that very image is nothing but a sign of a UFO that flew from pole to pole. This proves that we are not alone here on Earth. Actually, We have never been alone here. There are some ancient but highly advanced civilizations are living on Earth under the oceans, into the caves and near the poles who might be our ancient gods as described in our holy books. Its on us that we accept this truth or deny it.

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