Ancient Underground River, Found On Mars

NASA Mars Orbiter is sending many photos of the surface of the planet Mars to the earth every day. Some of the images have surprised the scientific world because water flow evidence can be clearly seen in these images. These images forced our scientists to believe that liquid water is still present on the planet Mars and We know that where is water there is life and scientists do not want to accept this truth.

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These leaked images were taken of the same place in the different seasons of the planet Mars. You can also see in these images which are taken from the NASA Mars Orbiter, water flow channel is still present on the planet Mars. Liquid water flows through these underground water channels in its winter season and got evaporated in summer. Source of the water is still unknown but it may also be possible that in it may rain on the planet Mars in its winter season and water stored over the top of the hill and flows to the ground. It can be also said that life is still present on the planet Mars in microscopic level.

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