Ancient Screw, Found In Rock

We have found many strange and mysterious things on earth which have amazed our scientists. In many ancient sites, we have found something, which forced us to think again about ancient technologies and intelligences. It is very clear that what we read about human history in our books is incomplete. These discoveries speak in volume that we will have to write our history again. It is very clear that we do not know the exact time of human existence here on earth.

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In 1998, the Moscow government permitted to the research of a meteorite that had hit the earth. During the research, researchers have found a mysterious piece of rock that has shocked our scientific world. You can also see in this image that a screw is present inside the rock. You can see its curves very clearly. Scientists have found in their research that this rock is about 300 to 350 million years old and the iron atom of this screw and the silicon atom of the rock is spread and fused. This process takes millions of years. It means this has not happened in the near past.


Now the questions arise, who made this? We know that 300 million year ago there were no dinosaurs on the earth. It means humans were present on the earth before dinosaurs or aliens are responsible for this mysterious formation. If it was humans then we will have to write our history again or if it was aliens than scientists will have to accept the existence of extraterrestrials here on earth.

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