Ancient Man-Made Dinosaur Sculptures

Ancient Sites always amazed our geologists. There are many ancient sites which have been found in all over the world that revealed our real & non-written history. Some times before in the past, these sites were the ancient cities where our ancestors used to live and ruled by their gods who gave them technologies, agriculture skills, society and many more. Nobody knows exactly what happened to them and how did they vanish in the blink of an eye but they have left behind many proofs which speak in volume about them.


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As you can see in these images that some dinosaurs species and Mammoths were made by our ancestors for their children who used to live in Egypt, Unan and America etc. We know that these creatures used to live in Jurassic period. According to geologists, these sculptures are about 4000 to 5000 years old. But the question is, how did our ancestors know about dinosaurs? Did they find their fossils during the gold or silver mining process? As you can see in one of these images, that a human is riding triceratops just like horses. Is this just a toy or humans were present in the Jurassic periods and our ancestors were making such toys not just for fun but they were remembering their history what had listened in their stories. Nobody knows what the truth is, but one thing is very clear that we will have write our history again.

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