Ancient Artificial Object, Found On Mars

NASA Curiosity Rover has sent many photos of the surface of planet Mars which had amazed the whole world. In its many photos, you can clearly see the evidence of lost ancient Martian civilization. We have seen house debris, walls, dome, and household stuff, etc. These pieces of evidence prove that planet Mars was alive in its past and there was an intelligent alien species living there who was much advanced in technologies.

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But in this photo, you will see an artificial metal shaped object which is lying between the debris on the planet Mars which could not be explained. Nobody knows what kind of object is this and for what purposes it was made. You can see its pattern and design which does not look natural object but an alien-made object. It may be any part of an alien war ship or alien war tank or etc., but one thing is very clear that this is not natural. Its pattern and design speaks in volume that this is completely an artificial object which might be some part of huge alien machine.

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