Ancient Alien’s Tower, Found On The Moon

1965, Russia. Russian Space Scientists had launched many Space probes in the decade of 1960s. One of them was “ZOND 3”. This space probe was attached with the hight quality of camera which can take pictures in high resolution of its time. ZOND 3 made a flyby to the Moon and took many pictures of its dark side (surface behind the moon). Those pictures were in thousands of numbers.

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Those pictures were providing a complete map of the unknown side of the Moon. But some of the pictures, astonished the scientific world. Scientists could not believe on their eyes what they were watching in those images. First, they did not represent those mysterious photos to the public. But some pictures came out unofficially.

In these pictures, some artificial Objects can be clearly seen. As you can see in this image that a huge Tower is standing on the Moon. Nobody knows who had made this structure & how old it is!. Nobody can say for sure what purpose it was made for! Is this still on work? Is that Tower empty or some alien creatures are still using it? But one thing is very clear that we are not alone into this vast universe. After this incident, Scientists started to sent Man Missions on the Moon, example- 1969 NASA Moon Mission.

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