Ancient Alien’s Temple, Found On Mars

This image was taken of a hill on Mars from the NASA Curiosity Rover, which is sending hundreds of pictures daily to the Earth. This hill does not look like other hills of the planet Mars. Rover could not reach very close to this hill because many small and big pieces of rocks were spread everywhere but this rover had taken a high resolution image of that particular area which is amazing. NASA is still silent on this image because they are speechless over it.

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You can also see in this image that a 100 feet tall and triangular-shaped rock is standing at the top of this hill and beautiful stairs were created down to this rock. Mountains and Hills are the most common places here on earth where you can find temples of Gods and this image also proves that we are watching debris of a temple on the planet Mars of those ancient alien civilizations who were lost in the past and waiting to be explored.

So can we say that some kind of intelligent life was present on the planet Mars who had their own cultures, society and Gods as well? They used to make houses and temples on the Red Planet in the past and used to live their life as well as we live here on earth. Are we watching the evidence of the lost ancient aliens civilization on the planet Mars? Is the planet Mars was alive in its past just like today’s earth?

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