Ancient Alien’s Skull, Found In New Mexico:-

In the year 1930, A mysterious humanoid skull was found in a mine at the Copper Canyon of New Mexico, America. At first, it was looking like a skull of a human but the shape & size of it were a little bit different. The size of this mysterious skull was about 10 % bigger than the human skull and there was a natural joint on the middle of it. The eyeball’s cavities of this skull are much nearest than the human skull and its mouth shape was also very small and thin compared to the skull. As you can see in this image, how different it is! 

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Because of such differences, this skull was sent to the science laboratory where scientists examined it minutely. According to the Radio Carbon Dating test, it became very clear that the skull was about 900 years old. A dentist, who was examining of the upper jaw of this skull, said that this skull was of a Five Year Old Child. At first, scientists were thinking that this skull was of a mature person but research proved that this skull was not of a mature or old person but was of a child. In shape, this skull was not just half thicker than the human’s skull but it was twice dense too. Scientists have also found in their studies that there was no sinus cavity inside that skull.

Further, scientists started to examine the brain cavity of this skull. They found that this child has a big brain inside the skull. The brain size of this child is bigger than any human. Scientists who were engaged in this research said that this is the first time they are watching such results that surprised them completely. Research showed that this humanoid had better brain ability than humans like they could solve problems easily, they could lead better. It was also said that this star child might have the telepathic capability too. It looks like that they use their brains much more than their body. They used to do more than 70% of their works through their brain power without using their body parts. We can say that they were able to lift stuff through their brain energy or something like this.

After this, scientists send this skull for the D.N.A. examination. During the D.N.A. analysis, scientists got not just a shocking result but unbelievable too. Scientists have found that the Mitochondrial D.N.A. was present in the skull but the Nuclear D.N.A. was not. This is the first time when scientists have seen such results in the D.N.A. examination. We know that Mitochondrial D.N.A. comes from the mother and Nuclear D.N.A. comes from both mother & father. It became very clear after D.N.A. analysis that there was a mother of this Star Child but no father. How could it be possible? There is something mess with his father’s D.N.A. This research was so disturbing and miserable and breaking all laws of nature that we know today.

In the year of 2011, when new D.N.A. testing technology came into existence, scientists re-examined the D.N.A. of that mysterious skull six times but could not succeed to find the nuclear D.N.A. or the origin of his father. During re-examination, scientists found another mysterious fact about this mysterious skull. Research showed that the size of the mitochondrial D.N.A. was much longer than the human’s mitochondrial D.N.A. which means, the mother of this child was not also a human but an alien.

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