Ancient Alien’s Mothership, Found On Moon

The Moon is the most mysterious & scary place near to the earth. We have reached the moon many times and taken many photos of its surface but unfortunately, it is still an unknown place for us because our space agencies and governments are hiding something. Nobody knows the exact reason for this behavior of our government & Space Agencies, but one thing is very clear that they do not want to disclose UFO Sightings that they had seen several times on the moon in their lunar missions.

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Extraterrestrial researchers believe that they were threatened to not to disclose the truth till the right time because they think that we are not ready to accept the fact of the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life into the universe. what do you think? Are we really not ready to accept this truth? You decide.

In some leaked photos of the surface of the Moon which were taken in the Moon Mission, we had seen mysterious structures that are not natural but artificial which proves the existence of intelligent extraterrestrials on Moon. We don’t know that they are still present there or not but as you can see in this image that there are two yellow-colored UFOs are standing under the shadow of a hill on the Moon. These star-ships are just like a small village. Their size is about one kilometer wide in diameter.

Nobody knows whose spaceship these are! Who is inside there and where did they come from? Are they space travelers & used our moon as their space station or they live inside the moon? One thing is very clear that the Moon is not a lonely place and it has never been lonely in the past too. The moon is not the same what it looks like. It has hidden many secrets inside its surface. I can say for sure that there are many secrets and mysteries of the Moon that were already found by our space agencies that they are not disclosing and trying to hide from us. Our government is also involved in this. These secrets and mysteries are still waiting to be disclosed.   

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