Ancient Alien’s Construction, Found On Moon

What if you can see an alien construction on the moon through Google Map on your computer? Today we  all know about Google Maps. You may have used this online service for navigation, fun and enjoyment in your free time. But it is also a useful Google product which gives a tremendous look at our home planet Earth. Google Maps helps us to see the complete globe with details.

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It can also help to visit the remote or untouched areas of our planet earth where you could not go physically. This Google service helped many people to explore the world’s geography. You can also visit our natural satellite “The Moon” by using the Online Google Moon Map service. This will really amaze you. You can also explore something that is waiting to be explored.

Just like many people, P. K. Sinha from India was watching Google Moon Map regularly and he has found something strange that could not be explained. You can also see in these images that a huge triangular-shaped object or formation near the Joint-Crater. This crater is litter bit different than other craters on the moon. You can also see in these images that two craters are joint and a mysterious and almost triangular-shaped formation is standing in front of it. Its length looks about 150 meters and its width looks about 75 to 80 meters. This formation does not look natural because nature does not make these kinds of formations. This might be some kind of ancient alien’s formation on the moon. This evidence proves the existence of extraterrestrials on the moon that can not be ignored in any way.

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