Ancient Alien Abduction, Female Human Body Found On The Moon

What if alien abduction stories are real? What if those people are telling the truth who claim to got abducted by aliens? What if aliens do their secret genetic experiments over human bodies? What if our govt. and space agencies are trying to hide these facts from us? NASA has seen a huge alien mother-ship near a crater of the moon by their satellites and launched a secret Apollo 20 Man Landing Moon Mission. They have found a mysterious huge and fully black-colored spacecraft near a crater of the Moon. This spacecraft was in cylindrical shape and size and looks like it was made of a huge single piece of stone.

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According to scientists, this alien spacecraft is about 1.5 million years old and was also capable to travel to distant stars and galaxies. This UFO speaks in a volume that some kinds of intelligent alien species are present in the universe about whom we humans are still unknown. In the other pic of this huge alien mother-ship, you can see its measurements that prove how advanced they were who made this Star Ship. This alien starship was about 3,370 meters long and about 500 meters in height. Anything largest made by humans here on earth was smaller than this. The Eiffel Tower & The Queen Mary Ship are looking dwarf in-front of this Alien Mother ship. Nobody can say for sure that who made this gigantic spaceship and where did this come from? This is Bizarre. NASA did not disclose what they have found inside that alien ship, but some pictures leaked.

By watching these images, it is very clear that this alien mother-ship was not crashed on the moon because there is no evidence of its colliding around the surface. So if it was not a crash then what happened to it? Where the crew members of this spacecraft have gone? Did NASA find something inside this alien mother ship? The answer is, “Yes”. NASA has found two alien bodies inside this alien ship in which one was completely destroyed and the second was in good condition. The second alien body was of a female and by watching her body it looks like she got tortured by someone very brutally. According to me, it is also possible that those aliens have abducted a human girl from the earth and did some kind of brutal experiments on her body and left her inside their space ship what NASA has found in their secret Apollo-20 Moon Mission and kept it as a secret.

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