Ancient Aliens Mysteries

Did you ever think that there are millions of species living on earth, but why only we humans are wise? Why do only we humans look up into the sky and raise questions of existence? 99% of our D.N.A. match with chimpanzee but 1% doesn’t match with any species, Why? Where did this 1% of D.N.A. come from? Human beings have been living on Earth since 20 lack years, but our D.N.A. is millions of years old, how is this possible? Was our D.N.A. developed here on the earth? If not, then where? Who are we? Where did we come from? 

Who had created us? What is our identity? Are we Earthlings? Are you sure that you are all human but not half-human & half-aliens? Have you ever thought that where did we come from? How did we humans get to advance in technologies, in just a few decades? How did we get such knowledge that is way ahead of time? Who is helping us? Where our scientists are getting such knowledge that changed our history? Do you think that incarnations happened in just religions and not in science?

Aliens, the meaning of this word is the species living on another planet or in another Star System, just like we live here on earth in our Solar System. “Alien” is the word that is most discussable among the people and it is also a subject of debate between scientists all over the world. There are several questions in our minds which are still waiting to be answered.

We all want to know that, Are we alone in this vast and endless universe? Is there any world that exists in this deep & black Space, where any intelligent life is surviving, just like we are surviving here on earth? Do the extraterrestrials really exist? Is life possible in different forms on another planet in another star system? If yes, then where are they? Are they intelligent like us? Or they are just like animals or microscopic beings? If extraterrestrial life exists then Where should we find it? Could we contact them in the near future? Or we have already contacted them but our space agencies and governments are trying to hide this fact from us?

You will find the answers to all these questions into this website which contains eight main pages with documentary and video evidences that our Space Agencies & Governments are trying to hide from us. So, visitors are requested to visit the website peacefully and try to understand its motive and enjoy it. Give your feedback also. Thanks.

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