Ancient Aliens Mysteries

Did you ever think that there are millions of species living on earth, but why only we humans are wise? Why do only we humans look up into the sky and raise questions of existence? 99% of our D.N.A. match with chimpanzee but 1% doesn’t match with any species, Why? Where did this 1% of D.N.A. come from? Human beings have been living on Earth since 20 lack years, but our D.N.A. is millions of years old, how is this possible? Was our D.N.A. developed here on the earth? If not, then where? Who are we? Where did we come from? 

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Ancient Alien’s Skull, Found In New Mexico:-

In the year 1930, A mysterious humanoid skull was found in a mine at the Copper Canyon of New Mexico, America. At first, it was looking like a skull of a human but the shape & size of it were a little bit different. The size of this mysterious skull was about 10 % bigger than the human skull and there was a natural joint on the middle of it. The eyeball’s cavities of this skull are much nearest than the human skull and its mouth shape was also very small and thin compared to the skull. As you can see in this image, how different it is! 

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Mysterious Contrail, From The North Pole To The South Pole

Ancient Aliens World

In the year of 2018, a mysterious incident was captured by NASA, that happened over the top of our head into the sky. This incident stunned the whole scientific world and forced them to think about this mysterious phenomenon. Actually, a satellite sent a mysterious image of our home planet Earth, which became a topic of debate between the scientists. This is the first time when a satellite had captured an image of our planet like this. First, no one wanted to believe what they were watching in that image because they had no explanation about the reason for this mysterious incident. This mysterious image forced to believe in the existence of extraterrestrials here on Earth.

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Ancient Giants, Evidence Found

You have heard many stories of giants from your grandmother in your childhood & read in the storybooks. But what if those stories are not hoaxes! What if those stories were not just for entertainment but real! What if giants really existed in the past! What if geologists have already found evidence of gigantic humanoid creatures but our government is trying to hide them! What if we will have to rewrite our history again! Actually, our government does not want us to know that Giants were present on the Earth! They do not want to accept the “Ancient Aliens Theory”. 

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Ancient Alien’s Mummy, Found In Peru

Peru, one of the most mysterious & beautiful places in the world. Peru has always surprised our scientific world with its ancient artifacts. We all know about the Nazca Lines of Peru. These Lines make beautiful formations that can be only seen from the sky. It looks like the people of ancient Peru had made such formations for their gods who can see them from the sky. According to Peru artifacts, Gods of Peru used to come in their spaceships and these formations helped them to recognize the exact place to land.

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Ancient Aliens Site, Gobekli Tepe

Gobekli Tepe was an ancient site situated in Turkey. It is located in the foothills of the Taurus Mountains. It is the earliest division of the Neolithic period in Southwest Asia. According to the archaeologists, this ancient site was about 7000 to 9600 BC. This site was found under the dry mud. It means this place was much warmer and wetter than it is today. Because it was found under the dry mud, it means this site was suffered from a heavy flood.

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Ancient Alien’s City, “Teotihuacan”

The mysterious ancient City “Teotihuacan” has found in the valley of Mexico City. According to the Aztecs People, the meaning of “Teotihuacan” is “ The City Of Gods”. This ancient city was found after digging the Dry Mud, which barely happens. Nobody knows how this city was got covered under mud. After digging a lot, there were huge stone structures came out which were mysteriously made by an unknown civilization. According to the locals, One big Stone Pyramid was the symbol of the Sun and another big one was the symbol of the Moon. During Scientific Research, a huge amount of “Liquid Mercury” was found under the Pyramid which was surrounded by “Mica”. After deep digging, Scientists have found some strange golden-colored & round shaped balls which were lied under these Pyramids. Their properties were different and do not match with any other things present on earth. These balls are mysterious and wondered the scientific world. Some metallic statues were also found near those mysterious balls.

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Ancient Alien’s Spaceship, Harvesting Energy From The Sun

NASA Hubble telescope has seen many UFOs that were moving very close to the sun. Nobody knows how, but this is happening daily. Actually, those alien ships are highly advanced in technology & they are harvesting pure nuclear energy from the Sun. We think that our sun is so hot that we can not stand near it and this is the truth that our scientists said. They say that we are living on earth and nothing is present on this planet that can stand right before the sun because the sun is too hot. Its central temperature is about 1 Million degrees Celsius and it is enough to burn anything in our solar system. We all know that there are many big giant super fireballs (Stars) that are present in this universe which is much hotter and bigger than our sun that we can’t imagine. Some ancient civilizations are living in those star systems which are totally different than our solar system.

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Ancient Man-Made Dinosaur Sculptures

Ancient Sites always amazed our geologists. There are many ancient sites which have been found in all over the world that revealed our real & non-written history. Some times before in the past, these sites were the ancient cities where our ancestors used to live and ruled by their gods who gave them technologies, agriculture … Read more

Ancient Screw, Found In Rock

We have found many strange and mysterious things on earth which have amazed our scientists. In many ancient sites, we have found something, which forced us to think again about ancient technologies and intelligences. It is very clear that what we read about human history in our books is incomplete. These discoveries speak in volume that we will have to write our history again. It is very clear that we do not know the exact time of human existence here on earth.

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